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Thursday, October 30, 2008

McNaughton Champ Turns RW Cover Boy!

Just climbed down to the mailbox and a pleasant surprise awaited me: My fresh copy of this month's Runner's World. But this time there was an extra surprise - This month's cover boy is 2008 McNaughton Park 150-Mile champ (and 2007 runner-up) David Goggins! He's been selected as one of RW's 2008 "Heroes of Running" for his impressive Ultrarunning resume and for his equally impressive fund raising efforts on behalf of military widows and their families.

I don't know David personally. I've only had occasion to wish him well as I passed him each of the last two years out at McNaughton Park (easy to do when you're only running a third of the distance the other guy is attempting), but by all accounts, he's a great guy and it's pretty cool to see him get the recognition for his efforts. (Hopefully the publicity will also boost his fund-raising.)

It's no wonder, too, that RW decided to put him on the cover to help them sell magazines. At McNau
ghton, I've overheard women and men, alike, expressing admiration of his physique. "Check out the quads on that guy," was uttered by an old man near me at the 150-Milers start in '07 (Also - and there's no special reason for me to note this - but it seems like it isn't often that an African-American makes the RW cover.)

David has good company inside. Other '08 Heroes of Running are: Oscar Pistorius, Haile Gebrselassie, Joan Benoit Samuelson and Usian Bolt, among others.

I wouldn't normally stump for RW, but hey, I kinda know that guy! If you've spent any time out at McNaughton, it's at least worth a looksee.

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