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Friday, May 1, 2009

Kenosha in the Morning!

OK, here we go. I'm just a little over 12 hours out from the starting gun of the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha. It's been five months since my last marathon or ultra and it's been seven months since I last tried to run a "fast" marathon at Chicago in October.

I feel good about everything for the morning. My training hasn't been anything extraordinary, but it's been pretty solid (with a few flashes of brilliance). The course is new, but it's supposed to be pretty flat, ala Chicago. And the weather should be nice: partly sunny, no rain, temps in the low 50s and a breeze blowing in from the SW - not off the lake, which is good.

There is both a full and a half marathon tomorrow and the total cap for both was just 2000. It did sell out, but I'm guessing more than half the field will be doing just the half portion. Maybe 800 people (?) will be out on the full course. That the smallest road marathon field I've ever been a part of, so it might get a little lonely out on the back half. We'll see.

I'm saying a good day will be anything under 4 hours. (That will likely also mean a new PR for me, but my current best is only 50 seconds under 4 hours, so...) A really good day will be something around 3:55. And an excellent day will be low 3:50s or even high 3:40s.

Whatever happens, I'll have the report up by early next week.
Here we go!

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David Ray said...

Good luck and have a great race!!