I like to run. I've learned that it really isn't about where you're going, it's about the getting there - the how, the why, the who with. This blog is just a little repository for my thoughts along the way; the setbacks, the lessons learned, and the occasional triumph.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This One's For Mom, in Particular...

Got some of the official photos from the Wisconsin Marathon back today. One of the photogs at the finish line had some good timing. This is me, just a few feet from the end, having sealed my massive PR, trying to control my emotions as a million incredible thoughts run through my head.

Everything came together last Saturday. Not so many days of our lives can we say that. When it does, it rarely happens in a way that anyone notices but you yourself. I got lucky. One of my days happened when there were people to see it and clocks and photographs to prove it. And when it's all real and undeniable and you finally, really know it's that day... well, I guess that's a picture of it above.

I thought about all the time and the effort and struggles and the failures and the triumphs, and I knew that the very next day I'd have to get up and start all over again, but at least I got another one of those days along the way.

And I thought about the people important to me. The ones who pick you up, and cheer you on, and give you advice when you need it, and keep their mouths shut when you don't, and laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry - just because they love you.

Thanks to all of you, because people don't get nearly as many days like I got on Saturday, without people like you.

(Happy Mother's Day, Mom.)

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Paige said...

Great picture :) Congratulations!